Wednesday, April 2, 2008

10 year old trapped in a 24 year olds body

Here is my evidence:
Can not sit still for more than ten minutes.
Sings whenever he knows the words (not knowing the word doesn’t necessarily stop him.)
Still thinks it’s funny to poor cold water on people in the shower.
Rides on the shopping cart.
Announces secrets.
Likes to jump on the bed.
Won’t go to bed.
Can’t sleep because he has too much energy.
Builds snow forts in the backyard.
Dances whenever he hears music (He’s not trying to be funny that’s just him.)
Sneaks items such as candy and balloons into the shopping cart.
Memorizes lines from Disney movies.
Tells me that I have bugs in my hair.
Forgets to whisper.
Does not like to take medicine.
Bought toy helicopters with the gift cards from our wedding.
Thinks sleeping in is waking up at 6:00am.
Imitates every noise he hears.
Throws spaghetti on the ceiling to see if it’s done.
Puts food coloring in the toilet (don’t ask.)

I used to get embarrassed by his many antics but now I just laugh. I secretly wish that I had the gumption that he does, even though sometimes it gets him in trouble. Ezra does not care what other people think and he never has. What you see is what you get. I really admire this about him. He’s not scared to just be himself. He lives his life to the fullest. He takes advantage of the abilities and opportunities that he has been given. He honestly wants to make the most of everyday.

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