Saturday, July 17, 2010

San Francisco

Ezra and I took and early anniversary trip to San Francisco with my Mom and Dad to visit Kristina and Adam and to see Wicked. It was so fun!

Even though Ezra is not a huge musical fan he really enjoyed wicked. I thought it was totally awsome! All songs have been running through my head like crazy. It reminded me of the good ole days when all the room mates would stand on the bed and sing defying gravity at the top of our lungs.

On our walk to wicked there were all these creepy guys on the streets, my mom totally thought we were going to get mugged. So funny- I think she forgets that she's married to a man that is 6 feet 7 inches tall and over 250 pounds.

We spent part of a day in Santa Cruz, we took a lovely walk down the warf and ate fish and chips. yum

So Cute! There were like 15 sea lions all piled on top of eachother. What a way to take a nap!

Otter's are cool!

San Francisco you are an interesting place, your streets are so steep no one would ever dare rollerblade, your people flock in every direction and dress like they are blind, Many of your tourist come from China just to go to your little China town, your hobos are little more creative in there methods of money begging than most, and your old guy that works at Burger King is very mean and wouldn't let me into the restroom with out a receipt no matter how nice I was or how bad I had to go.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ezra and I decided to take my two little bros Nathan and McKay to the zoo. I haven't been to the zoo in forever- I forgot how much fun it is!

My favorite part was the Elephants- they were so fun to watch. I think it would be cool to have a trunk for a day. Baby elephant Zuri was so cute!

Can you see him? Ezra spotted him first and had to do his Sid the sloth impression- it's pretty good!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th

Ezra and I headed down to Fool Creek (closest recognizable city = Delta) for a family reunion and an 80th Birthday party for his grandma Roper.

We attended a parade in Delta. I'm not gonna lie it was a little bit sparse on the candy. But Ezra's little cousins kept us entertained by peeing in the middle of the park and other such activities.

Sand dunes cover large areas of Grandma and Grandpa Ropers farm. This is an arrow head I found while Ezra and I were out on the four wheeler- pretty cool huh!

We lit off some illegal fireworks (you can get away with stuff like that when you're in the boonies). The explosives are more or less up for grabs. I decided that I did not want to start on fire so I found a safe spot away from the commotion.

During this fireworks display there was much of yelling and running. Ezra's brother Rick got pegged in the back by a rougue firework-luckily all it did was put a burn mark on his shirt. There were more than a couple fire works that didn't make it completely off the ground before exploding. Ezra calls it the red-neck firework show. yeah-pretty much!

I love a good camp fire. We slept in a tent in the front yard but that didn't keep the owls from waking us up!

Ezra and I decided to go flying this morning- we flew over the Provo parade and we also got to fly over my parents house and the Draper and Timp Temples. It was so fun! It's been a great summer so far, it's kind of depressing to see it going by so fast- I guess we enjoy it while we can right!