Friday, December 18, 2009

Ezra is all graduated! I just have to say that I am really proud of him, he has worked so hard. I think BYUI is gonna miss him. And I think he is going to miss BYUI, at least a little. I couldn't get him to walk- sitting for four hours just wasn't really appealing. We had a little party at my parents house- it was great!

So what will the future hold for the Ropers? Well for right now we are going to be headed back to Rexburg in January,one more semester for me!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tina's Engaged!

My little sister got engaged Friday night!

Congratulations Kristina and Adam!

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's so Cold it hurts!

Our nose hairs start to freeze every time we step out the door. Going out side has become a kind of torture, our faces and fingers feel like their being pricked with little pins. Everyones puttin on their Layers- we all look like little Eskimos.

The Eskimos are actually warmer though- and I can prove it!

Alaska Today: 17 degrees

Rexburg Today: 3 degrees

It's the time of year when BYUI students wonder what they were thinking coming to this frozen tundra. Is a little education worth all this?

I seriously had the thought "I'm not going to open my mouth or my tongue is going turn into a popsicle"

Even though it's horribly cold, we are happy because next week is finals and we will be done; Ezra forever and me for about 3 weeks. Life is good! Of corse it is.... IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!