Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are you a super star?

Every time I look out at the gorgeous mountains that surround my parent’s home I get an overwhelming urge to go mountain biking. But alas, mountain biking is something that women 32 weeks pregnant are discouraged from doing, a long with downhill skiing, skydiving, jumping on the trampoline, and eating sushi.

My life has become pretty tame- I confess I am totally content to sit around, the less I move the less ache. My body reminds me constantly that I am pregnant with twins. (Fingers crossed) These babies should be here by about week 36. That's only four weeks away!----------------------I just passed out. ( ;

My life may be a bit boring but Ezra's daily life definitely keeps up with all the Crasiness China has to offer. This is a picture of Ezra with the translators/ accountants that work for Ag-Feed. From left to right we have: Cat, Ezra’s most trusty translator who I taught to tell Ezra to “settle down” and “be patient”--lol, Apple, who is due to have her first baby any day now!, Ezra, my bodacious husband, Audrey, who speaks super fast and squeaky, she is almost constantly smiling and excited, and last but not least a cute gal that doesn't speak English whose name I cannot remember----uh-she's new.

I love these girls, there were a few times when Ezra was traveling and I had spent all morning throwing up and could hardly move and these girls brought me lunch and took care of me.

Anyway they decided to let Ezra come along with them to visit the lotus flower gardens at Gaungxi University. After they took this picture other garden visitors started lining up to take pictures with Ezra. He says he was there for a bout a half hour taking pictures with different groups of strangers. They would even get angry and yell at each other if people not in their group tried to sneak in the picture.

Finally a young girl walked over to Ezra and said,

“Excuse me, I’ve never seen you before, are you a super star?”

Ezra just laughed. I think he should have just told her that he is quite famous in the United States and act all offended that she didn't recognize him. He is obviously loosing his entrepreneur mind set- He totally should have started charging money for each photo. He could have hade a killing.

Nobody knows who the kid is.

The gardens were really awesome, the flowers are huge, like the size of your head, and apparently they only bloom once a year. Ezra really enjoyed touring the gardens. I have to admit I’m pretty proud of his photography skills.

As they all left the gardens Ezra bet them lunch that none of them could make it up a big stair in one step. To his surprise Cat took a flying leap and Ezra ended up taking them all to joint they picked across the street. Ezra was a little skeptical about the food so he only ordered a coke. As they sat waiting for their food, Out of nowhere, Ezra sees a flash of black and hears a big thud on the chair next to him.

Confused, he looks around and all of the sudden a table of ladies behind him start screaming bloody murder. A huge rat was climbing up a ladies leg. They screamed for the waitress and she came and scooped up the rat in her dust pan, instead of rushing out the door she headed back into the kitchen! After the rat was out of sight everyone settled down and went back to their meals including the rat-leg lady. If some one had been in the chair next to Ezra, that thing would have fallen right in their lap! No big deal right? It's just a rat!

I can’t say I was disappointed to miss that one.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gettin There!

Here is my most recent belly pic- I'm stickin out there!30 Weeks!

This is a pic from my Idaho Shower, My nephew Landen is having a moment. He's gets mad because we keep telling him about these fun new cousins and he never ever gets to see them. He has told me on more than one occasion to "Open it!" He then he proceeds to try and lift up my shirt. So funny!

These are pictures from a little birthday party my cousin Jan and I had at my grandmas house. I'm 24 now- whoa!

I feel like I’m growing exponentially at this point. I washed one of my recently purchased prego shirts and when I tried to put it on it was way too small. I complained to my Mom that I hadn’t even dried it and it had still shrunk. She tactfully explained to me that it was not the shirt that shrunk but me that grew. Ha---I was just so sure it had to be the shirts fault.

Sometimes I think these baby girls are making themselves a little bit too at home, they have decide to nuzzle up into my ribs- they especially like to do it when I’m sleeping so I wake up in the night feeling like I can’t move. The sensation of having two babies in my belly has become quite the experience. They are getting so much bigger and I definitely feel the results of the lack of space- they probably do to, poor things.

I had a lovely baby Shower up in Idaho this past weekend. It was so fun to see everyone, friends and family were all so generous. We got some really great gifts. Ezra and I feel so spoiled. A big thanks to every one that came, especially Shanna and Larae who put the whole thing together.

These little girlies are going to be here before too long, I just can’t believe it. The shock of finding out that we are having twins has definitely not worn off, I wonder if it ever really will. As my due date draws nearer I have become an overwhelmed mix of nervous and excited.

I was talking to my Dad, I told him that I wasn’t so sure about this whole twin thing because I feel like I’m in over my head. His reassuring response was “you are.”

-------What I was looking for was some thing like “it’s going to be so great, or don’t worry you’ll be fine, or it’s going to be so fun.”

Thanks for the pep talk Dad ( :

Along with all the worry of a first time Mom I feel doubl-ey blessed. I know that these babies are such exceptional little humans. I have felt that over and over during this pregnancy. I want more than anything to be the kind of Mom that teaches her children how truly special they are and help them realize all the wonderful gifts and blessings they have been given.

Ezra and I are so excited to meet our little ones (and they are going to be little---- we’ll be lucky if they’re five pounders). I CANNOT wait to have my husband back with me. I really don’t know what I would do with out skype right now. Over the past months I have gained a greater compassion for those, who for whatever reason, live without their spouse. I have also become increasingly grateful for a spouse that has an amazing ability to love life and be continually optimistic no matter what circumstances he finds himself in. He is my hero.

Although life has become a tad bit crazier than I ever imagined it could be. I know that our little family is already so incredibly blessed.