Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Twin Story!

On the left is my great uncle Doug and on the right is my Grandpa Don. They are twins that came at the tail end of twelve children. My Grandpa always took great pride in being his brothers keeper and loves being a twin. My Grandma Sonntag also has a twin brother and sister (sorry no pics).

These are my Grandpa Taylor's twin sisters Marilyn and Carolyn, looks like it was Halloween.

These are my twin sisters Shalie (the burnette) and Karlie (the blonde). They are 17 years old, both about 6 “1” and just got their braces off. Woo Hoo! Growing up nobody would beleive us when we told them they were twins, other than their similarity in height they don’t really look alike.

Karlie and Shalie do pretty much everything together. I tease them that they are going to end up living next door to eachother married to brothers.

One time the family was sitting at the dinner table- The conversation evolved into a friendly argument about which sibling had it the worst. Shalie turned to our brother Nathan and said "I had 4 years of bliss before you were born." Karlie turned to Shalie, "I only had 13 minutes!"

At one of my showers I repeated some wisdom that my mother had recently bestowed upon me, "Put the uglier twin in the cuter outfit." (great advice for any mother really)

Without missing a beat Karlie said, "So that's why Shalie always gets the cuter clothes!" Ha Ha

Even though I never in a million years thought I would have twins, I guess they run in the family!

Here are some pictures from a little prego-photo shoot we did in my Grandmas back yard. I've had a lot of people tell me that they wish they had taken more pictures while they were pregnant and so far pretty much all of mine have been with my computer camera,so here are a couple for posterities sake.

32 weeks! The light is gleeming off my belly.

This is my most recent pic (35 weeks 4 days). On average twins come at about 36 weeks, and I'm officially 36 weeks now! We are playing the waiting game, everyone is pretty antsy for them to come. But I can guarantee there is no one more antsy than me!

People have stopped telling me that I look tiny. Now when I go out they totally stare at my belly. Isn't this is Utah for crying out loud? You can't throw a rock without hitting a pregnant woman! I feel like I'm back in China!

People (mostly women) talk to me like I'm about ready to pop. They ask me how far along I am and when I tell them that I'm due any day they get this satisfied look on their faces like "yeah, I thought so." Then I say, "I'm having twins." It's still fun to see peoples eyes bug out when I tell them.

The other day in the grocery store a cute older lady stopped me and started asking me a bunch of questions, when I told her I was having twin girls she got all excited and said that it was her life long dream to have twin girls. I was like whoa, I'm living out someones life long dream? She continued to tell me that she was so glad she talked to me because it just made her day! She was a complete stranger and was as excited as anyone abut the news--so cute!