Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just a Little Update

It's only been about four months since my last post, and yes.....I am aware of the fact that there are only about four people that know this blog exists. But I will write any way, to inform all four of you that:

We are so excited about the new temple in Twin Falls, We got to go through it and it is so beautiful!

We have a new nephew named Landen, he is so adorable. He is such a happy baby and so much fun!

We have had some of the funnest vacations of our lives- Our repelling trip to Zions was as beautiful as it was fun. Bear Lake was an absolute riot, Ezra learned how to sail and has decided to make it his new hobby. We have been able to spend a lot of time with family this summer and it has been great.

We have two calves- Hartford and Eli, I bottle fed them for a month at 6:00 am every morning- and unlike many of my other pets they are still alive and getting fatter and fatter. The only downside to the whole situation is that eventually they will be eaten, it is a sad reality of life that I am learning to cope with. (pictures to come)

I love living in Idaho, it is so beautiful here! I have become acostumed to living in the boonies, and find my new surroundings quite refreshing. We have had so much fun having friends and family come and visit us on the farm this summer!