Friday, August 21, 2009

"My name is Karlie Taylor, and I'm addicted to nesquik"


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Since I've married Ezra I've done a lot of things I'd never thought I'd do, here are just a few:

Drive a back-ho--before I married Ezra I didn't know what a back-ho was ( the first time I drove it I got suck in a pivot track)

Be Chased by a Pig--400 pounds of pork ready to eat me

Move hand lines

Chase Cows in my Sunday clothes--more than once- they like to get out on Sundays for some reason

Drive a tractor

pick rock

Learn to recognize what crop has been planted

Ride in a Semi

Swim in an irrigation pond

Drive a trailer with 30 pigs in it from Rexburg to Twin Falls

Climb a real haystack

Bottle feed calves

Sit in a tractor in the middle of the night and listen to country music

Learn how to inject poop in the ground

Go to the fair

Learn the technique of artificial insemination

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Oregon Coast

My family recently took an RV trip along the Oregon Coast it was one of our funnest vacations yet!
I could not believe how beautiful and blue crater lake was. It's one of the deepest in the world!

This is a cute little moth I just had to take a picture of- it kept landing in every one's hair.

The first day in the RV was the longest drive. When we saw this slide we decided to stop and play at this cute little park. That's me and Ez on the slide, Kristina's the one in the front picking her wedgie.

Inside the RV: all 10 of us fit just fine. You'd think by the end of a week we'd be sick of each other but we weren't.

This is us stuck in an elevator with 20 people- no joke!

If people aren't staring at us cuz we're freakishly tall, they stare at us because we're weird. We had a few spectators for this pic. We were just trying to figure out our wingspans.

It's not a real vacation without ice cream!

Have you ever seen so many cute bums? (we were looking for jelly fish)

We stopped at a ton of really fun little beach spots- you can't beat the beach!

The vegetation was beautiful!

So were the sea lions.

We were thinking about diving in.

A jump roper made out of kelp- works pretty well. Ezra was especially fascinated by kelp- in fact he might come up with some sort of kelp business.

For part of the trip it was foggy. It made every thing look mysterious.

The tide pools were way fun- I was trying to pick up a star fish.

Kinda gross but kinda cute.

There are a ton of light houses along the coast.

We went on this really awesome nature trail- I swear it felt like we were in the jungle.

It was on this very trail that my mom.... startled herself, started running, tripped over a tree root, lunged toward me, and pulled down my pants. I was laughing to hard to be embarrassed.

I was trying to climb onto this little bridge from a lower one and couldn't quite make it over- Ezra was just helping me out.

The aquarium was so fun!

I just had to take a picture of this. Poor dog!

Ezra listening to a seashell.

Their all crazy- that water was freazing!

Our favorite past time was playing frisbe on the beach.

He just couldn't resist.

Ezra loved going to the air museum.

I'm tellin ya taking pictures out of a moving RV is risky business.


Playing basketball can get dangerous with this group- Ezra got so sweaty. In this picture I was summoning the ball. My team lost, probably my fault.....sorry team.

I think this is one of the sea lions that woke us up with his barking at 5 in the morning.

Funny Story: This cute little Chinese guy was reaching down to try and touch the fish at the hatchery. Next thing you know---kerplunk, and you hear him saying "OH my glasses" Patrick volunteered to go in after them.....what a nice guy- the cute little Chinese family thought so too.

All in all a highly recommended vacation!