Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Private Pilot!

After months of hard work and studying Ezra passed his flying test. It's official, Ezra is a private pilot! It's a goal he's had since he was little, he is so excited to finally have his license!

This is a poster Ezra and I made for his flight instructor Lewis Hart.

So I went up for my first time in the plane with Ezra and I was a little bit nervous. While Ezra filled up the plane with fuel, I made a video on my camera telling my family that I loved them and that it was our time to go. (it was kind of a joke, but kind of not).

Night flying- we flew over the Twin Falls temple

Ezra took a few of his family members on plane rides.

Ezra and I flew from Twin Falls to Rexburg-here are some of the sights along the way!

Ezra's Family farm- we got to fly right over it

Idaho has huge areas completely covered by lava-kinda cool to see from the air!

Flying over the Snake river!

We had a great time, turns out I had nothing to worry about! Our landings were smooth as a babies bottom. Congrats Ezra- Mr.Private Pilot! yee-haw!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Drawings from my last semester!

My brother Patrick was a sport and consented to be my model for a figure drawing assignment. I'm pretty sure he is the most awkward model ever! It took all I had to get him to throw a normal looking pose.

Here is my evidence.

This is one of my favorite drawings from my illustrative figure drawing class, it was such a fun class! I really miss it, so if anyone out there feels like getting dressed up like a pirate,a caveman, or a princess, come on over to my house.

here are a bunch more drawings from that class

Cave man!

We had a two pregnant models that would come into my figure drawing class,Soooooooooo not something I would ever do while pregnant. Very fun to draw!

This is Mr.Micheal Jackson in the flesh! I know his pose looks fairly normal in this drawing, but most of the time this kid threw the weirdest poses- very Micheal Jackson-esk.

The models are basically up there in their undies right, so I tried not to laugh, but I seriously could not help it with this kid. Some where along the road he latched on to the idea that the more contorted you are the better you are to draw-NOT TRUE!

Line Drawing-I know it doesn't look like it but this girl seriously could not stop laughing.


This is Ferra she modeled for my head drawing class in my last semester. This is a section from a paper I wrote about her:

There is a girl I have drawn once before, she might not be considered beautiful in the world’s definition. She is quiet and quick to smile. And always holds perfectly still as we draw her. Her skin is dark and her expression is always pensive. Her name is Ferra and I drew her for the second time today.

Our group of five all sat quietly drawing in a semi circle around Ferra. Breaking the silence, Fran, one of the two older women in class, asked Ferra where she was from. She replied, “Haiti.”

I tensed a little remembering the horrible earthquake that happened there only a few weeks ago. Fran continued, “you’re so far from home, Is your family alright?” Ferra paused, “My brother is alright…….but my mother died.”

At first I wasn’t sure if I had heard her right. As the realization of what she said hit me, I found myself holding back tears. Her mother had died. I thought of my own mother. My heart sank for her and my drawing didn’t seem so important any more. Fran said, “I’m so sorry” over and over. Ferra said, “it’s okay.”

I thought, "it’s not okay,you can't be okay" but I could tell she was trying to be strong for us.As I walked away from that class I thought about what is really important.

I want the way I live to reflect my testimony. I want my life to have meaning. I want to spend my time doing things that truly matter. This drawing probably isn't one of my best, I know I could never do justice to how beautiful Ferra truly is.But every time I see it I will think of a beautiful girl from Haiti and I will be reminded of what is truly matters.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Night Flight

So Ezra just left, it's 9:20 and he's doing his first Night Flight. I always get nervous when he goes flying, I mean the guy doesn't necasarily have the best track record with stuff like this.

But don't worry- he reassurred me by telling me how much I'll have left in the bank to live on and all the bills I should remember to pay. He said "we owe Lewis (his flight instructor) 500 dollars, oh wait, he'll probably die with me." With that he gave me and kiss and made a crashing noise as he walked out the door. What a Sweety.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kristina and Adam's wedding!

Ezra and I outside the Atrium!

So Happy!

So gorgeous!

I was down in Utah the whole week to help out. I was calling myself the wedding slave, I shopped for what seemed like hundreds of hours,ran errands, gave 5 hair cuts, fixed center pieces, picked out pictures, did make up and wedding hair including the bride, prepared a wedding toast, and most importantly provided stress relief to my anxious mother.

And even though I referred to my self as the slave I had a lot of fun! It ended up being a great day, it was fun to see so many friends and family members. It's always a treat to go to the temple and be reminded of Ezra and my wedding day- almost three years ago can you believe it!?

Everything went pretty smoothly, we will just ignore the fact that Patrick didn't fasten the leg on the fold out table and all the flowers and the vases went crashing to the ground.-I secretly thought that was pretty funny- in situations like that all that's really left to do is laugh, right?

There were no other major mishaps and it is was a lovely event.Kristina looked gorgeous, Adam cleaned up pretty good too (; Congratulations Kristina and Adam! To infinity and beyond!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

To all the wonderful mothers that are part of my life!

A womans face wrinkled by smiles, and sunshine, and laughter
holds the charm of years before, and will hold it well after
A face some would say is weathered and worn
I say it graceful like real beauty reborn
though her springtime has faded she has a heart true and tried
she's overcome selfishness, grief, strife, and pride
Her love is a fountain where all freely drink
She treasures lifes moments, though they pass in a blink
She's faithful and honest, devoted and kind
A better Mother, no one could find
In need of wisdom I look to her eyes
It is she, in the end, will inherit the prize

I Love You!