Friday, June 26, 2009

Ezra and a new lawn mower

Is this some kind of zoo?

This past couple weeks have been filled with a whole lot of animals. 

My cousin Sara graciously volunteered to come on a day trip to Idaho with me. To repay her for her kind gesture I took her on a tour of all the pig barns. Lets just say pigs really aren't her thing. I know in this picture she looks all perky and happy but really most of the tour she was literally gagging at the smell. I felt bad for the poor girl, but secretly found it quite amusing. The whole way back to Utah she kept saying "I don't ever want to have a pig farm." I think she repeated that line at least 1o times. I tried to calm her by telling her that she is more likely to win the lottery than end up on a pig farm. 

We found this little guy in the window well up at my aunt and uncles horse property where we've been for the past month and a half. At first he tried to attack us I have to admit I was a little freaked out when I jumped down in the window well to pick him up and he lunged at my legs. But now that we've fed him and given him a couple baths he's doing much better. (I know your probably not supposed to bathe cats, but who wants a dirty cat?) Even Ezra the self proposed "cat hater" has been caught saying things like "hey there kitty." I even caught him reaching into his box to give him a pet. I named him Squish.

This is my pet fish that I got before I found the cat. I actually got him for my birthday. His name is Azul  (I know creative, huh?) He's got a great disposition. 

I found these little guys running around Dave and Shanna's drive way. Aren't they cute. The mom and dad birds wanted to kill me for picking them up but I picked em up anyway. I ain't scared of no birds!
There's a pond here at the horse property and we caught a bunch of slimy mud puppies--- cool.
and some tad poles. 

We also found some snakes. I like snakes I just hate spiders.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

World Pork Expo!

Ezra and I got invited to go to the world pork expo with his parents and brother Leon. So we climbed in the hu-mun-gus RV and headed down the road. The drive to Iowa is long, but not as bad traveling RV style.

I loved all the rolling hills and picket fence farms of Iowa. There are more pig farms in Iowa than I ever would have thought.
We made ourselves right at home in the RV.
We were glad to finally make it to Des Moines. The expo was so fun-People from all over the states came and some even came from different countries. We got to see some of the newest innovations in farming. And we got lots of free pork, some of the best pork I've ever tasted.
De Moines state capital
On the way home we stopped in Colorado, Ez caught this picture- pretty cool!
We also went to a fun parade!
Colorado is very beautiful!
This is what happens when you take pictures out of RV windows going 80mph

Ezra and I thought it would be fun to stick our heads out the window, it actually was quite fun. But trying to comb my hair out after definitely was not.