Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bear Lake

While Ezra was in China I was in Bear Lake, I know, not quite as exciting as China but still way fun. Karlie and Shalie have celebrated just about all of their birthdays at Bear Lake and they wouldn't have it any other way.
Playing pinata can get dangerous with this group.

Claire took over the rinsing of the T shirts.

They turned out pretty cool!

Sailing is always fun- even if you fall over!

This is the Back Dive gang- I taught them all how to back dives. They were quick learners!

I know it looks like I'm going to do a back flop- but don't worry I made it saftely into the water.

I always love Bear Lake- there are a lot of memories connected to that place.

Sail boat rides with Dad
raspberry shakes
Praying not do die while riding the Water weenie
Tie Dye t-shirts
kick ball and volley ball with the whole gang
card games with the cousins
good food
first time skinny dipping-shoulda picked a warmer lake
sittin on the beach just talking and laughing

You just can't beat Bear Lake!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009


 Busy Nathan St. Hong Kong

Meat Market- Notice the chicken feet, I ate those guys!

Lights of Kawloon

Tiananaman Square- Largest square in the World

South China Sea

Inside the Forbidden City

Chinese Family on the way to work, a common sight on the roads of China!


The tree of happiness and prosperity, inside the garden at the Forbidden City
Business building- Beijing

Deep Water Bay- South Hong Kong

Lady Lion Forbidden City

Terracotta warriors

Old town Beijing

The Birds Nest

Bathroom at The Great Wall

Big Buddha- Lantau Island
Sai Kung Pennisula

Original art 2nd dynasty

Gondola ride- Lantau Island overlooking Po Lin Monastery, Tung Chung Fort, and the South China Sea
Temple at Repulse Bay

Picture Kowloon to Central Hong Kong

Great Wall- one hour of climbing and only half way up one mountain! It's over 4000 miles long

This street sweeper thought I was going to steal her bike until I gave her my camera to take a picture.

Steve, Ben, Me, Reed, and Willy. It was a wonderful trip. Hopefully one day I'll be able to take Jess with Me. Before then I'll have to work on my Chinese. E R Sun.

Hill Air Force Museum

Ezra and I went to the Hill Air Force Museum. Ezra loved it. The plane pictured above is his dream plane. Ezra had the specs on just about every plane we saw memorized, he was such a good tour guide. We had a ton of fun!

Ezra is excited to go back to Rexburg because he is planning on finishing up his pilots license while I am in my last semester of school.