About Us


Grew up on a hog farm in Idaho
Loves to fly airplanes
What you see is what you get
RC helicopter king
Tries see challenges as new opportunities
Exaggerated story teller
Waiting in line is not my thing…….or waiting in general
Left handed
I can predict the weather
Wanna be stunt pilot
Likes to invent things
Wants to lend a helping hand
Secretly loves to dance
Impulsive Risk taker
Passionate- All or Nothin
Chipmunk catapulter
Shopping cart rider
I can’t do the splits, I hate to sit still, and old people love me


Grew up Washington, Michigan, California.....mostly Utah
Loves to paint
Expert lizard catcher
Wannabe hard-core mountain biker
I always try to laugh instead
Day dreamer…..it can get really bad, like no idea what is going on around me--- no idea what you just said bad.
Hates to be rushed
I would pay significant amounts of money to get out of public speaking
Smoothie drinker
Thinks kids are way better than adults- maybe that’s why I married Ezra
Sometimes I talk too much
Huge fan of the Green guys on toys story
Nature lover....but not tree hugger 
My socks never match, I Can't dance, I’m horrible with directions, and I feel like I’m gonna pass out every time I see much blood—especially my own
My favorite number is 3
And Happy Endings make me cry

Ila and Fae are our funny little munchkins. Born on the same day they enjoy stealing each other’s binkis, howling like little wolves, and dancing while wearing  fluffy tutus.

Ezra and I were married in 2007 in the Salt Lake City temple, since then it's been crazy to say the least. Here is documented our adventures from Idaho to China and everywhere in between. Thanks for reading! 

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