Sunday, January 27, 2013


Christmas hike to the tree

The preliminary photos

Talking to Patrick on Christmas
Party at Oma's
What a wonderful Christmas! Ila and Fae were really fun this year, Oma gave them Minnie dolls and they were a total hit, now I get asked about 17 times a day to draw minnie on their magna doodles!

We have been so blessed and were able to purchase our first house/town home/duplex in......
da da dah.....Orem. Okay so it's kind of a let down after China. Nonetheless,  we are thrilled to have our own place no matter how small or close to the freeway it may be. ( : Our proximity to Walmart is much too convenient to complain really. Just don't go after 10 pm. (that's probably a good rule of thumb for any Walmart- ha)

A note to all wives out there: if your husband wants to close on a house right before Christmas--Just say NO! It made for a pretty hectic holiday (still recovering)-- I forgot what a process it is to move--especially when the majority of your stuff has been stored away for nearly 5 years.

Well we always love visitors, so stop on by, or you could always just wave as you pass by on the 15.