Monday, February 2, 2009


Last week it got down to -19 and I was cursing Idaho. But today I came across some pictures I took last summer, and they gave me hope. Somewhere underneath that crusty brown snow there is a beautiful grassy field.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ezra's Z Goals

Graduate College
Get a private pilots license
Start a successful business
Learn to play the piano
Raft the Grand Canyon
Have a family
Invest in the stock market
Design my own house
Own a plane
Learn another language besides Spanish
Teach my children of Jesus Christ
Build a tree house
Be a financial planner
Cruise the Caribbean
Predict the weather
Overcome weaknesses
Buy a farm
Invent something
Start a tree farm
Provide for my family
Visit Machu Picchu Peru
I want to own a tractor
Live in a big city for at least a year
Put off the natural man
Be co-owner of a business with all my brothers
Buy my parents something big
Help someone through college
Publish a book
Climb a Glacier
Own a restaurant
Get to know the lord better than my best friend
Fly a P-51 Mustang
Become a history buff
Go to a pro Foot Ball game
Provide for needy families
Meet a president
Be a tour guide
Memorize all the countries and their capitals in the world
Teach my family to walk in the ways of the lord
Go through all the temples in the states, and other countries
Read many books
Memorize the Scriptures
Serve a mission with my wife
Grow watermelons
Scuba Dive
Talk with the prophet
Study Hebrew

Jessica's Z goals

Become the kind of person God wants be to be
Fall even more deeply in love with my wonderful husband
raise a righteous family
Have lots of Kids
overcome my weaknesses
make sure all my family members know how much I love them
bring people to the gospel
learn to love purely
work at the temple
go on a mission with my husband
Go to Jerusalem--
become a scriptorian
Do family history work
meet the prophet
Help change someone’s life
write my personal history
become an accomplished artist
make my home beautiful (so everyone feels welcome)
graduate college
organize a relief effort
plant a beautiful garden
Write and illustrate my own children’s book
donate to charity
make friends with strangers
learn to cook like a pro
become an expert mountain biker
do humanitarian service
read hundreds of books
learn all the hymns
Have my own farm with chickens, pigs, rabbits, ducks, cows, horses etc.
go all out decorating my house for each holiday
Learn to play the guitar
sing a solo
learn how to sail
swim with the dolphins

explore places I've never been
Go to Europe (see the Sistine chapel)
make up a funny joke
learn to juggle
visit a castle
see Broadway plays
try all flavors of ice cream and jelly beans
buy a sparkly pink old fashioned truck
see the northern lights
have my own art studio
go back to the places I have lived (California and Michigan)
Learn how square dance (so I can do it with my family)
Go scuba diving

Learn to speak Spanish and sign language