Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lots of smiles!

The Smolder

Love these girls!

What we're up 2

                                                          NAPPING WITH GRANDPA
                                                          AMERICAN FORK CANYON

                                                      TALKING TO DAD ON SKYPE

                                                         1RST TIME TO BEAR LAKE

                                                      BANANA BIKES AT THE LAKE

Some of these pictures are from a while back but better late than never right. We’ve been doing great! I can’t believe how fast these girls are growing, they are smiling all the time now, it’s so fun!  Their little personalities are coming out more and more. Fae is my easygoing baby she is content just to hang out and look around. Ila is my little snuggler she loves to be held.

We’re getting our routine down a little better these days, things run pretty smoothly most of the time, except for the occasional blow-out. I really don’t understand how they can get poop all the way up to their necks and only have a drop in their diapers---the physics make no sense. We are excited for all the holidays, and we’re counting down the days until Ezra gets back from China!

Newborn Pictures