Sunday, January 27, 2013


Christmas hike to the tree

The preliminary photos

Talking to Patrick on Christmas
Party at Oma's
What a wonderful Christmas! Ila and Fae were really fun this year, Oma gave them Minnie dolls and they were a total hit, now I get asked about 17 times a day to draw minnie on their magna doodles!

We have been so blessed and were able to purchase our first house/town home/duplex in......
da da dah.....Orem. Okay so it's kind of a let down after China. Nonetheless,  we are thrilled to have our own place no matter how small or close to the freeway it may be. ( : Our proximity to Walmart is much too convenient to complain really. Just don't go after 10 pm. (that's probably a good rule of thumb for any Walmart- ha)

A note to all wives out there: if your husband wants to close on a house right before Christmas--Just say NO! It made for a pretty hectic holiday (still recovering)-- I forgot what a process it is to move--especially when the majority of your stuff has been stored away for nearly 5 years.

Well we always love visitors, so stop on by, or you could always just wave as you pass by on the 15.


Sonnie's Stories said...

Love this post! You'll have fond memories of your first house. Especially if it's small and cozy to the freeway :-)! Thanks for posting the photo of our parents. Makes me a bit homesick, but we're coming back in less than 4 months!!!

Sonnie's Stories said...

I can say that because the house we live in now is small (1100 square feet) and only 5 houses away from the freeway. We are going to miss it, surprisingly enough, when we move.

Kelsey Shelley said...

That's SO awesome about your new purchase! I want to come visit!!!! Seriously! I am just a bored mom at home and would love an outing! Miss you! SO glad that you live close!