Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Please People

Sweet Baby Asher, the newest addition to the Taylor clan. So excited to have another cousin! Isn't he adorable!
 Feeding the ducks. There is a cute park up the street from our house with a lovely duck pond, our favorite and most friendly pal Gus (pictured  on the right) is one of the first to greet us every time we go.

Our favorite "hat", Our favorite sister, Our favorite wagon

Ila and Fae love to "dip it"-- favorite dip--bananas in BBQ

We asked Fae her baby dolls name the other day and you know what she said: "Baby Ga Ga"........Say What?

When the girls come up to Ezra and say "fly" this is what they want, to be thrown on the love sac.

Me pretending to be in pain--Ezra and I got bored waiting in the ER

I broke my foot, and now my confidence in my stair maneuvering abilities have been shattered forever.

I fell down the most familiar stairs I have ever known. My parents set of three garage stairs, it  was the last one that got me, I'm sure it looked like something that could have won the grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos. I was just glad I was able to catch Fae who I happened to be holding at the time. She got rebounded off the refrigerator.

I'm not very good at staying calm when I've been injured, so of course I thought the swelling that instantly appeared on my foot had to be my bone sticking out. I refused to look at it and commanded everyone around not to look at it. I was pretty close to passing out. 

Ezra gave me a piggy back into the ER. I told the nurse that my pain level was at a measly 3 and  thought, "man I hope this thing is broken, or I am going to feel like the worlds biggest wimp." 

It was.

Ezra got to play Mr. Mom for about a week while I was on crutches. He did a great job and actually kept everything running more smoothly than expected. Don't worry...I milked it for all it was worth and thoroughly enjoyed skipping out on poopy diapers and sleeping through midnight binki runs. 

Now I'm up and at it with a fashionable little bootie to wear, its lovely. I told them they should give two so I wouldn't feel so ridiculous with mismatching shoes......no luck.

The more I've thought about how this all came about, the more I've wished that I actually had a good story for how I broke my foot.

So please people, if your going to break something-- have it be doing a back flip off your roof. 


MeaganandChris said...

I feel your pain - one time I broke my leg snowboarding. but instead of doing a cool trick, I was just coming off the ski lift and fell the wrong way..talk about embarrassing.

Alan said...
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Alan said...

Jess, sorry to correct you in a public forum but Asher is a great "addition" to the family and I'm pretty sure you meant that Gus the duck is the first to "greet" you (not great you).

Just trying to be helpful :)

... oh and the "fly" pictures are awesome; good training for your twins so that they can learn to love activities that are likely to result in them breaking bones in the future.

Roper said...

Dad, You've known me for 25 years. Spelling things coretkly is ovorated!

Alan said...

That may be true... however, when you write as well as you do... praps you cood be learnt to spell corecktly two.